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Joke article
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Joke article: tricks and jokes

Ancient Greece is considered the cradle of wisdom and the birthplace of democracy; important thinkers and philosophers have been there as well as the first tragedy poets. But not only knowledge and politics were important to the ancient Greeks. As educated people, they knew that laughter is also healthy: Already the Greek philosopher Xenophanes, who lived about 500 years before Christ's birth, described in his writings little tricks and jokes, which were carried out with the help of various witty artifacts. In principle, therefore, one could shift the birth of the joke article into Greek antiquity! This shows that the joke article is culturally and historically guaranteed and has a long tradition, which we should not let demolish under any circumstances! The joke articles popular today have been known in a similar format for over a hundred years, and they always enjoy the simple and yet very effective objects.

Humor is when you laugh anyway

Countless generations of family members, acquaintances, friends and colleagues have already been the victims of artificial dung, cleverly placed fart pillows or bitter candy and had to prove again and again a motto: humor is when you laugh anyway

Joke articles are especially popular because they allow harmless and funny pranks that do not seriously harm anyone. They especially like to be used on occasions like Carnival or Halloween, but even as April Fool's joke, a clever joke article is always well received! Life is usually too serious, so you should not forget the laughter and take the ancient Greeks as a role model, the like to joke articles and executed small pranks.