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Gifts for confirmation and communion

The introduction of the child into society is a popular and widespread ritual. Be it in the Catholic Church as a Communion or in the Protestant Church as a Confirmation, this particular introduction to the adult world is always a significant turning point in the life of every child.

The first communion of the Catholic Church, that is, the first participation in the sacrament, is one of the holy sacraments of the Church in addition to baptism and confirmation, and is usually celebrated in Germany in the second or third year of the child. After receiving communion, children are also able to become ministrant in the community. However, due to a lack of general regulation within the church, customs are different in many countries and churches.

The Protestant confirmation stands for entry into the "ecclesiastical" world of adults. So if a child participates in the confirmation, so it personally verifies its affiliation to the respective community. For this reason, the confirmation is also usually carried out in the 14th year of age, because it employs the religious maturity of the child. Confirmation as well as communion also constitute the conclusion of a religious instruction (communion or confirmation class or catechism examination).

In both cases, the initiation is celebrated in the form of a service. The timing is different, however. The First Communion is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter and is also called White Sunday. However, as many congregations have moved to this date, the first of May, Ascension or another date in April or May is quite common. The confirmation is generally celebrated on Palm Sunday, as this date traditionally coincided with the end of schooling and the beginning of the apprenticeship. But here are other dates between Easter and Pentecost possible.

Suitable Communion Gifts & Confirmation Gifts

But no matter how, where or when the Confirmation or Communion is celebrated, it is usually performed as a great feast, to which the relatives and friends of the family are invited. Since participation in the Lord's Supper is understood as a gift, in our culture it is also part of the gift of the child on that day. Basically, there are no requirements, which could be a suitable gift. Rather, it is left to the imagination of the donor to find something that gives the adolescent a lasting memory of this important day. In order to make it easier for you to find a suitable gift, we have put together a selection of fun and beautiful gift ideas for confirmation or communion in this category and hope to inspire you to find a gift.