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Light up Shirts -Equalizer LED T-shirts LED shirts with ticker and LED hoodies

LED T-shirts are T-shirts with integrated LED displays (LED MATRIX). This 12 cm wide and 4 cm high display, the lyrics run depending on your choice in the colors red, blue and yellow. Everyone can define the scrolling text themselves and also change it quickly and easily - without additional cables or other annoying accessories.The T-shirts are made of high quality cotton and our LED displays are among the best on the market. In some manufacturers, the text "jerky" on the display and there are hardly any options available.


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Very popular are our equalizer T-shirts. The designs are created in our office in Berlin and they are only available at! Unlike other Equalizer shirts, we have unique designs with our own trademarked designs, such as our own. our ghettoblaster or DJ T-shirt.

The T-shirts are suitable for many occasions and activities. Present on New Year's Eve your good New Year's resolution or use it as a modern Abi shirt, as a club shirt in the disco or for contact seekers as a flirt shirt. As a party shirt / fun shirt or as a gag graduation T-shirt, as an eye-catcher at the company party. The T-shirt with LED is together with witty or sexy shirt sayings an excellent communication tool and also a trendy birthday present.

Even at trade fairs, promotion and in marketing an LED shirt with targeted scrolling slogans is a good medium (promotional textiles). Agencies and companies even have the option to select a different T-shirt color from 25 pieces and 5 shirts per size.

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