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Tokyoflash Pimp Pleasue Seeker  red
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Olesia Black Woman Wrist Watch
RRP 139,90 EUR*   79,95 EUR
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Silicone press watch LED-Watch

Silicone watch with time by pressing

RRP 18,90 EUR*   6,99 EUR
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Jay Baxter Men Master Digital Clock
24,95 EUR
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Jay Baxter Men Master Digital Clock Blue
24,95 EUR
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LED Wrist Watch / LCD Watches / Digital Watches:

On May 6, 1970, the Pulsar was introduced as the first LED wristwatch with digital time display at a press conference by the Hamilton Watch Company. It had no moving parts and was sold for $ 1,500 as a limited edition of gold.

The first solar powered analog clock was developed by Roger Riehl at the end of the 60s: The Synchronar 2100 was introduced in 1972, the clock owes its name to the calendar, which was programmed by the year 2100. The first pieces were to change ownership for 1700 dollars and Riehl spoke of a lifetime warranty:
The first units will sell for $ 1,700 and have a lifetime guarantee. 12,000 units a year at this price range. Troy Daily News, Thursday, February 11, 1971

LED watches flourished between 1972 and 1978 and were quickly replaced by LCD (liquid crystal display) watches. One of the reasons for this was, among other things, the high power consumption of the then LED watches. Therefore, the clock was only displayed at the push of a button for a short time on these watches.

Today, LED watches are experiencing a real renaissance: new designs, fresh ideas to redefine time, lower power requirements and cheap standard batteries are inexorably inspiring this trend. We offer you unmistakable watches in 70s retro style or as trend-setting modern men's and women's wristwatch, where the time display of new designs and ideas is determined.

Typical of this new way to read the time are the watch models of the design team Tokyoflash from Japan. From this brand we also offer hybrid watches and LCD watches. Let yourself drift and rummage through our large assortment of Japanese cult watches! Very interesting are the binary watches from THEONE.