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Special engagement gifts

With an engagement, two people promise the marriage. That something is given to the engagement follows long traditions and customs.
The traditions of engagement
Until the 20th century, the engagement in Germany had so much legal force that in the case of a betrothal even a wreath had to be paid if the fiancé had lost her virginity even before the marriage. It proves how seriously most people engage in engagement. Accordingly, permanently and seriously gifts should be selected to the engagement.

The tradition of the engagement actually came about because parents arranged marriages for their children, a practice that was also common in Central Europe until the 19th century. One gradually groped for the marriage of the young people and affirmed this with mutual gifts.

Engagement Gifts

The engagement gifts themselves actually framed the courtship, so they were mostly from the male side to the bride. In the emancipated 21st century, they may well be granted each other, but they should always be fair to the occasion - to make a very lasting bond. Also, each couple can rate the engagement engagement gifts by the time it takes to get married-usually not more than a year. The mutual engagement rings, which the couple puts on, are still regarded today as a precursor to the wedding ring, so they should by no means outdo the later wedding rings.

Suitable engagement gifts can be "key to the heart", things for the common household need not be yet, these gifts are reserved for the wedding. A LED watch or LED jewelry, however, a top gift for engagement. Give something nice to the engagement, be creative and give it something special.