Mother's Day

Mother's Day
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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - Mother's Day

Mother's Day has its origins in the English and American women's movement of the 19th century. In Germany, so to speak, he arrived only in the 20th century, more precisely on 13 May 1923 and was at that time mainly supported and promoted by the Association of German flower shop owners (a rogue is who thinks evil).

In the year 1933 the mother's day ("commemoration and honor day of the German mothers"), which took place every 2nd Sunday in May, was even declared an official holiday. Since 1949, Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday of the month, but has not since then been considered a public holiday. Nevertheless, he has in a way a special position, may be open on this day but the flower shops.

Fancy Mother's Day gifts - it does not always have to be flowers!

The question of which gifts are so suitable for a Mother's Day, of course, immediately arises a thought: Flowers! Of course, flowers, just for a woman, always a proper attention, with which you can make the "mom" happy. Also, the thought of kidnapping the mother on the Mother's Day in the restaurant, so they do not have to be on the stove for a Sunday, is certainly not a bad idea. So there are certainly many other ideas, but what if it is then something more unusual, something not so commonplace?

Brilliant heart shirts or other unusual Mother's Day gift ideas

How about, for example, when you combine relatively everyday things with that certain something! Let's take as an example a simple T-shirt, which really does not impose itself as a meaningful Mother's Day present. But what if the t-shirt on the front was wearing a heart lit with LEDs? Or how would it look if the mummy suddenly went through the world with a LED-illuminated ear jewelery? On "" you get just such unusual gifts, by the way not only for Mother's Day. There you can also find LED-illuminated bangles, rings or chains, which are just something very special.

Original Mother's Day gifts, gift ideas for husbands partners and children

Here are great offers for children and fathers who have the courage to go completely different ways of giving. Original Mother's Day gifts, gift ideas for husbands, life partners and children who want to make their mother a very special Mother's Day gifts. How about a gift that is unique, that expresses love and gratitude. Or one that is just funny and original. Here are some suggestions.