Helloween Mystery Box
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Adhesive tape Glow in the Dark 2 M I fluorescent self-adhesive marking tape I black light I phosphorescent warning tape
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Halloween Gifts & Costume Ideas for Monks, Women and Kids

When the tower clock strikes midnight on October 31st, it will be scary on the streets and squares. Ghosts and vampires, creatures of the underworld, rise from their graves and populate the earth: it's Halloween.

Tradition of Costumes: Creepy Halloween masks & luminous pumpkin lanterns

Even the ancient Celts celebrated Halloween, because the horror festival goes back to the Celtic funeral Samhain. Thus, the Celts believed that the gates to the world of the dead were open that night, and the dead returned to take possession of the body of a living. Therefore, they put on scary robes to deceive the spirits.

That gourd lanterns shine that night too, this custom goes back to an Irishman named Jack, who angered the devil and was condemned by him to dragging around in it with a spoiled turnip and a piece of burning coal

With the advent of Christianity, All Saints and All Souls replaced the Celtic Samhain. In the 9th century, Christians gathered around the festival to gather sweets called "cake of the soul" and ask for the deceased as they received more. The tradition of costuming has lasted until today. Just like the custom of pumpkin lanterns and collecting sweets.

Halloween party, where all witches, werewolves, bloodsuckers and undead hold a colorful Totentänzchen to your heart's content

Obviously that a date with so much tradition wants to be duly celebrated. Best with a scary Halloween party on which all witches, werewolves, bloodsuckers and undead can perform to their heart's content a colorful Totentanzchen.Zu to such a party, of course, the right home accessories should not be missed, because only with the right decoration comes really scary mood on.

Scary Halloween Gifts & Accessories

Scary Halloween gifts delight every scary party host and elicit a devilish smile. Because with bones, cobwebs, skulls, bats and of course lots of pumpkins turns your own apartment in a dark horror cave. So, if you want to be a good guest, you should always have some scary Halloween gifts on the 31st of October when you're invited to a Halloween party. These also include fun accessories and glowing LED gadgets that make this evening unforgettable as eerily funny Halloween gifts. With such great gifts, the Halloween Party is a real dream - or maybe the scary nightmare? Who knows who knows…